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Beach Volleyball Boundary Lines (Blue)


Model No: 94995000003
Description: Beach Volleyball Boundary Lines
Color: Blue

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Beach Volleyball Boundary Lines (Blue)

  1. Material: The boundary lines are made from ultra-resistant PVC, which is durable and suitable for outdoor use on the beach.
  2. Dimensions: The set of boundary lines includes:
    • Two lines of 8 meters each.
    • Two lines of 16 meters each.
    • The width of each line is 5 cm.
  3. Corner Joining: The lines have eyelets at the corners, allowing you to secure the lines in place using pins. This ensures that the lines remain in position during the game. (Pins are not included in the package)
  4. Custom Printing: It’s possible to have custom prints or advertisements on these boundary lines. This feature can be used for sponsorship or branding purposes, making them suitable for organized beach football events and tournaments.

These features make the boundary lines suitable for beach football games, providing durability, clear marking of the playing area, and the option for customization to meet specific event requirements. The dimensions of the lines can help define the playing area accurately, and the corner eyelets make setup and maintenance easier.