Protection & Ball Stops Nets

Fence Nets & Ball Stop Nets

A ball stop net is a type of netting used primarily in sports such as soccer, baseball, golf, and tennis. Its purpose is to contain balls within a designated area, preventing them from going beyond certain boundaries. For example, in soccer, ball-stop nets are often used behind goals to keep the ball from going too far and to make ball retrieval easier.

These nets are typically made from materials like nylon or polyethylene, which are strong and durable enough to withstand repeated impacts from balls without tearing. They come in various sizes and can be customized to fit specific spaces and requirements. Some ball stop nets are designed to be easily installed and removed, while others are more permanent fixtures. Overall, ball-stop nets play an essential role in maintaining safety, controlling ball movements, and optimizing playing conditions in various sports settings.

Divider Nets - Movable & Fixed type

TSS Divider nets are used for sports fields as a barrier or partition used to separate different sections of a playing area. These nets are commonly used in sports like soccer, tennis, volleyball, and baseball, among others.

Dividing nets are typically made from durable materials like nylon or polyethylene, similar to ball stop nets. They are designed to withstand impacts from balls and provide a clear barrier without obstructing visibility too much. The size and specifications of the dividing net can vary depending on the specific sport, facility requirements, and space available.
Overall, dividing nets is crucial for maintaining order, safety, and functionality in sports fields by creating distinct zones and preventing unwanted ball movements or player interference between different areas.

Ceiling Protection Nets

The netting we use in Schools, fields, and gyms depends on the size of projectiles to be stopped and can include:

  • 100/120mm mesh to stop footballs, basketballs or similar kind
  • 45/30mm mesh to stop cricket balls, tennis, or similar kind
  • 20mm mesh to stop golf balls or similar kind

Ceiling, roof, and wall protection netting are typically made from high-strength polypropylene (PP) & UV-treated. These materials have excellent durability and load-bearing capacity.

To install ceiling protection nets in sports facilities, several fixing accessories and installation methods are commonly used. This includes using hooks, eye bolts, or clips to attach the netting securely to overhead support structures such as beams or trusses. Steel cables or ropes are then employed as suspension lines, connected to the anchor points, and adjusted for proper tension using turnbuckles. Anchors like expansion anchors or toggle bolts are utilized to secure the hardware into concrete or hollow ceilings. Additionally, edge reinforcements such as webbing straps or D-rings are often incorporated into the netting for added strength and attachment points. Following a systematic approach of preparing anchor points, setting up suspension lines, attaching the net, and ensuring proper tensioning is crucial for a successful installation that provides reliable protection against falling objects in sports facilities.