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Dividing curtains


Dividing curtains provide an effective and quick solution to create spaces within a sports hall. Adaptable to any requirements, we offer electrical lifting, or manual models with lateral movement.

Electric curtains

The best choice in terms of comfort, elegance and versatility. With its centralised motor system and enabling, either by key or remote control, it is possible to separate spaces effortlessly and store the curtain fully folded in the ceiling. The entire structure is lacquered in white and the accessories are made of stainless steel.

Minimum maintenance and maximum security.

Perfect for the division of sports halls, industrial warehouses, etc., resulting in the creation of zoned areas or independent spaces.

It is possible to apply any type of printing or lettering on the canvas itself thanks to our in-house printing department.

Technical characteristics

  • Lacquered metal profile rotor axle, Ø 70mm, with custom welded take-up reels at 2.50m intervals, approx.
  • Ball bearings interspersed in the rotor shaft, using male and female steel sleeves every 3.00m, approx.
  • Bearing support with 150×40 mm welded bracket for fixing to roof structure.
  • Lower counterweight bar.
  • MOTOR brand SOMFY compact, three-phase model. Positioned centrally on the curtain.
  • Screen made according to curtain model.
  • All dividing curtains are delivered ready for installation because they are pre-assembled at the factory.
  • The rotor axle bars are marked to facilitate installation.
  • Rotor shaft bars are marked to facilitate installation.
Divider Curtains
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